Carrie graduated from Florida State University in 2012 with a degree in meteorology and started working at NASA Langley in 2013. She grew up on Florida’s Space Coast watching rocket and space shuttle launches, and loves being able to work with space instruments. She started out working with the CALIPSO team to analyze and improve the classification of aerosols by the instrument, with a specific focus on smoke particles from wildfires. She then moved to the SAGE III project as a ground systems engineer and data specialist where she was responsible for long term data collection, trending and storage. She was also tasked with monitoring the health of the instrument and its subsystems throughout the testing and integration phase to ensure normal operations as the project headed towards launch.

Following the launch of SAGE III in February 2017, Carrie was part of the mission operations team as a payload operations engineer. She worked as a flight operator and conductor during the commissioning phase of the SAGE project after launch, and was responsible for running procedures and assisting with numerous planned special calibration activities. She is now a member of the SAGE science team and is helping to analyze data for the validation campaign.

Outside of work, Carrie is an avid runner and enjoys participating in half marathons. She enjoys sports, music, traveling, and spending time outside in the sunshine.


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