Welcome to the Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment (SAGE)

Studying the planet to protect it, make predictions, and inform action.

Learn About the Science of SAGE

How much ozone is in the stratosphere? What role do aerosols play in the air we breathe? These are some of the question we are seeking to answer with SAGE missions. Read more about the science behind SAGE.

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Need photos for a story? Need lesson plans for the classroom? Just want some cool activities to do? Connect with us through our communications section including a blog with the most recent and upcoming events.

Learn About the SAGE Partners

SAGE is a NASA Langley Research Center-led mission with partners around the world including other NASA centers, space agencies, and commercial partners. Check out our partners using our interactive map.

Connect to Validation Efforts

The SAGE mission has validation partners all over the world. If you are involved, or would like to be involved in validation of SAGE data, click here to learn more about planning.