Jonathan Hicks earned a Master of Computer Science and Engineering degree in 2014 from Christopher Newport University. During his collegiate career he held intern positions at the MITRE corporation and with NASA DEVELOP. MITRE works across the whole of government through federally funded research and development centers (FFRDCs) and public-private partnerships to tackle difficult problems. NASA DEVELOP is a national program which is part of NASA’s Applied Sciences Program, that addresses environmental and public policy issues through interdisciplinary research projects that apply the lens of NASA Earth observations to community concerns around the globe, bridging the gap between NASA Earth Science and society.

At NASA he’s held a wide variety of responsibilities. For SAGE III on ISS, he has served as a Linux Systems Administrator, Ground Support Specialist, Networking Specialist, and Data Integrity Analyzer. He also flies missions as an Instrument Operator, Systems Programmer, and Hardware Specialist for the Act-America ACES Lidar instrument.

Outside of work, Jonathan maintains a long list of hobbies and interests that he shares with his wife, son, and daughter. He often dabbles in building custom quadcopters, RC cars, and model airplanes. He’s also a novice woodworker, a gardener, and a car mechanic when necessary. His primary hobby could be described as ‘learning new hobbies’. He acquires new skills so that he can grow his tool collection and future abilities.


Bob Borchardt
Lead Technical Payload Engineer

Donald Cleckner
Mission Operations Engineer

Robert Damadeo
Lead Algorithm Scientist

Jim Farmer
Ground Systems Engineer

Richard Farmer
Ground Systems Engineer

David Flittner
Project Scientist

Michael Heitz
Scientific Programmer / Analyst

Jonathan Hicks
Ground Systems Engineer

Charles Hill
Deputy Project Scientist / Instrument Scientist

Carter Hulsey
Scientific Programmer / Analyst

Travis Knepp
Aerosol Research Scientist

Mahesh Kovilakam
Aerosol Research Scientist

Marsha Larosee
Scientific Programmer / Analyst

Kevin Leavor
Lead Data Scientist

Kaitlin Liles
Chief Engineer / Lead Thermal Engineer

James Losey
Mission Operations Engineer

Robbie Manion
Science Computing Facility Lead

Joshua McDonald
Mission Operations Engineer

Mary Cate McKee
Data Scientist

Allison McMahon
Communications & Public Outreach Lead

Jamie Nehrir
Mission Operations Manager

Greg Paxton
Ground Systems Lead

Andrew Peterson
Ground Systems Manager

Michael Pitts
Lead Scientist for Oxygen A-Band Temperature / Pressure Research Product

Samuel Porter
Deputy Mission Operations Manager

Marilee Roell
Science Manager

Carrie Roller
Science Validation Lead

Caitlyn Stone
Mission Operations Engineer

Larry Thomason
Lead Scientist for Aerosol Extinction Coefficient Product

Shane Wolf
Software Assurance Lead