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SAGE III/ISS is assembling its Science Team!

By August 16, 2017Uncategorized

SAGE III/ISS is assembling its Science Team! NASA is looking for about 10 team members that, if selected, would be funded to provide validation, limb scatter algorithm development, assessments of atmospheric composition, studies of clouds and aerosols, analysis of SAGE III/ISS data, contributions to modeling efforts, and multi-sensor data products.

The Research Opportunities in Earth and Space Science (ROSES) call was put out on NASA’s Solicitation and Proposal Integrated Review and Evaluation System (NSPIRES) this week. NASA’s goal of understanding the composition of Earth’s atmosphere and changes that are taking place is furthered by this research opportunity that allows additional studies to take place using data from instruments such as SAGE III/ISS.

An initial release of data from SAGE III/ISS is expected by the end of the year.

Proposals are sought for activities that will:

  • complement efforts conducted by the project and contribute to the validation of the accuracy and precision of the SAGE III/ISS standard science products
  • adapt proven algorithms or develop new algorithms for retrieving profiles of atmospheric constituents/parameters utilizing SAGE III/ISS limb scatter observations
  • assess long-term changes in atmospheric composition
  • address research questions focusing on aerosols, clouds, and/or their interactions, using SAGE III/ISS observations
  • utilize SAGE III/ISS and possibly other satellite-derived profile measurements to advance Earth system modeling/prediction capability
  • integrate data from SAGE III/ISS and other contemporary space borne platforms to develop global products to investigate phenomena for which SAGE III/ISS observations, alone, are not sufficient


Notices of Intent to propose are requested by September 7, 2017, and proposals are due November 7, 2017. Learn more and submit proposals here:!