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SAGE III/IV Presented at Science Mission Directorate Monthly Science Review

By February 27, 2018Uncategorized

Members of the SAGE team attended the February Science Mission Directorate (SMD) Monthly Status Review at NASA Headquarters to present an overview and status of SAGE III/ISS and SAGE IV to the Science Mission Directorate. LaRC Center Director, Dr. Dave Bowles, was in attendance to introduce the SAGE team. The SAGE III/ISS portion of the talk defined the objectives of the SAGE family of instruments, as well as the importance of monitoring ozone and stratospheric aerosols in the context of assessing stratospheric ozone recovery and extending records vital for ozone models and climate models. This was followed by an overview of the SAGE III/ISS instrument payload and initial ozone and aerosol science results. Physical Scientist Robert Damadeo then presented an overview of the SAGE IV concept including a full-size model of the 6U CubeSat imager. The presentation was well received, generating questions about the impact of SAGE III/ISS data.